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Pat, in MT

Janet Washburn demonstrated that she is a highly qualified professional and expert in the field of long term care issues and insurance. During her presentation, she was responsive to questions and took great care to personalize the information offered to address our unique situation. Janet was extremely personable, knowledgeable, patient and attentive to my questions. She followed up with the information that she promised during the presentation. Janet demonstrates that rare combination of intelligence, professional expertise and empathy that sets her apart from most others in her chosen field. Thank you, Janet.

Branka Palic, NJ

Janet, I m grateful for your experience and knowledge about LTC, for making sure I always understood all aspects of the plan before making a decision and for utilizing helpful LTC comparison information and data relevant to today . For being patient and listening to all the questions .. good ones and bad ones lol. Keep doing what you are doing as it helps people more than they know :) Sincerely, Branka

Thank you so much, Branka!   It takes courage to face this large looming risk and you approached it like a pro.

Deborah McCormick

I have been a Nurse Practitioner for 30 years. I know about being a professional. And I understand about being an advocate. Janet (Washburn) is both and I respect her integrity to both of those virtues. My husband and I took more than a long time working the "angles" of long term care insurance. Janet was respectful and patient. She took alot more time than any professional than we met .. and I will say we did contact more than quite a few. Janet deserves alot of credit for remaining a true professional and advocate as she spent more hours trying to help us find the company and policy we were comfortable with. My husband have alot of respect and appreciation for Janet's knowledge-base of LTC insurance and her integrity as she she worked with us an excellent insurance agent. THANKS, DEBORAH, I AM JUST GLAD WE WERE ABLE TO SECURE THE COVERAGE FOR YOU AND RANDY.

C&T in Bonita Springs, FL

Janet, thanks again for working so hard over many months to get T qualified for LTC insurance with a major company. Her past medical history was a challenge, but you succeeded in establishing her insurability in a plan with excellent coverage for care, as well as inflation of future costs. We will heartily recommend you to others!

Greg Zaski, Redington Beach, FL

What a great experience dealing with Janet...she was very professional and knows the long term care insurance business inside and out. Both of my parents are currently seeking long term care...unfortunately they didn't financially plan for this time of their lives...a very expensive eye opening experience. I am so happy that I have taken the time to plan for my future in my early 50's by purchasing a LTC policy through Janet (Washburn, The Long Term Care Ladyâ„¢). Thank you, Janet...I really enjoyed working with you. Greg

Barry Swarts

Thank you Janet for an enjoyable insurance experience. For 19 years prior to my latest retirement, I endured annual insurance briefings sponsored by my employer and the insurance company of the year. Those briefings always left people with as many questions as answers. Your manner of presenting the information was straightforward and keenly informative. If any of my friends express a desire for the LTC product, I will definitely steer them to you. Barry

Jake & Jean Stap

Janet Washburn has been our "long term care lady" since 1999 when we decided we needed to protect ourselves with long term care insurance. She has, from our very first meeting, always been available and thorough in answering any questions and explaining any policy interpretations for us. She is very professional, punctual and knowledgeable in giving us updated information in light of the changing financial situation about costs of care. She is a real delight to work with. We always feel she has our best interest in mind.
Janet Washburn demonstrated that she is a highly qualified professional and expert in the field of long term care issues and insurance. During her presentation, she was responsive to questions and… Read More

Pat, in MT

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